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Monday, September 6, 2010

Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz 2008

Cool photo, eh?  Art directed by Jasper.  Well done, Jazz.  Good dog.

I got this wine on special at Nosh - a local Auckland suburban Green Lane foodie outfit. The shop itself is a bit disappointing - as I had heard good things about the range of Deli goods.  But NO e.g. very cruddy and way past the 'best by' mushrooms still on display, generally tired looking fruit & veg, and nobody at the checkout when I went to actually PAY MONEY.  Then when I got home, the garlic bulb I had bought was rotten in the centre. *Hmmmph*  Now I can't find the fecking receipt, so I can't go back and get fresh replacement garlic, or - for that matter tell you how much the wine cost. Bugger.

I think it was about $NZ20 on special.

Anyway ... there was a very keen young man in the Faine Waine Dept. doing free tastings, and vigorously urging me (the only punter in the shop) to sample the Aussie Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz, (of which, I had never previously heard). On examining the label tonight, I see it is a family-owned Australian winery from the Padthaway region of South Australia.

Now, Padthaway has a special resonance for me, because my former neighbours (a lovely Glaswegian couple named Pat & Anne) introduced me to Padthaway Shiraz about 10 years ago.  They are fabulous hosts and from my hazy memory we had baked lamb and LOTS of wine.  But I do recall that the Padthaway Shiraz was a  monster red - stonkingly alcoholic and wildly ripe, with intense almost overcooked flavours and a powerful oak influence.

This one is more subtle - and still tastes great after a day's rest after opening. From my notes:  Savoury aromas of leather and cigars. Ripe and generous palate of Christmas pudding, black cherry, black pepper and dark chocolate with a lovely looooong dry finish of tawny Port, liquorice and Anise

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