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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free online wine tutorials - Jancis Robinson WSET

A few years ago I undertook a wine knowledge course with London-based Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) - probably the world's leading wine education organisation. 

These are tutored courses run over many weeks, by a Master of Wine, and terminate in a fairly tough exam.  They are great fun, but do require serious study (and a certain amount of nerves) for the written exam and a 'mystery' wine evaluation at the end.

I would highly recommend these courses to anyone wanting to gain real expert knowledge.  Here is the link for the NZ WSET courses.  Interestingly, New Zealand has more Masters of Wine than any other country.
Michael Brajkovich - winemaker from Kumeu River, was our very first.

Anyway, as part of their promo stuff they have free online 3 minute tutorials presented by Jancis Robinson MW - fairly basic, but giving good background knowledge on many wines and wine regions. 

Go forth winelings, and learn...

Phil runs wine tours around Auckland New Zealand
He also wrote a jolly fine wine guide to NZ's best winery visits.

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