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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seifried Nelson Gewurztraminer 2008 and MasterChef New Zealand

Being partial to the odd GwZ, I spotted this one in Countdown for $NZ16.00

Now, one reason apart from the bargain price, which persuaded me to buy it was...that a friend of ours has been chosen to audition for MasterChef NZ, and he was coming over to cook his signature dish for us. (His family are sick of it - having had the same thing for nights on end as he practices and refines the recipe.)  Lucky us!

I probably should not reveal the nature of the dish, other than I thought that a nice spicy GwZ would be a great match.  So we set the clock, the young person got to work, and just slightly over time dinner was ready - immaculately presented. 

Unfortunately, by this stage I had consumed all the GwZ and we had to open a very nice Kim Crawford Tietjen Chardonnay 2007 which was bloody marvellous anyway.

But back to the Seifried Nelson Gewurztraminer 2008:  Aromas - soda water, rose water, and minerals.  Palate - dry-to-medium sweetness in the mid palate, Nashi pear, mildly spicy, and a tangy yeast dry finish.  Quite elegant and restrained.

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