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Friday, March 28, 2014

Stella Bella Wines - Perth

Being in the wine tourism business, I do get to meet some interesting characters.  And a recent tour to Waiheke Island with two Australian couples resulted in a box of nine bottles of very nice wine being delivered to my door (barking mad Maltese/Shitzu cross notwithstanding).  It turned out that the Aussies were investors in a Margaret River winery in Perth.  “How about we send you a few bottles and see what you think of them?” they suggested over lunch at Mudbrick.  “Jolly good,” I replied.

The winery goes by the name of Stella Bella – also the name of their premium range wines.  Sounds like a great name for a thoroughbred.
“And … it’s Stella Bella out of the bottle, into the glass and racing into the mouth. Swishing gently around the palate, down the neck and looking for a lengthy finish.” 
They had some fun with the other lower ranges, namely Skuttlebutt and Suckfizzle.

As you may know, Margaret River is a cooler climate boutique region near the Perth coast where the Western Australian climate is moderated by cool winds from the Indian Ocean. Consequently they can grow white grape varieties as well as the renowned reds.

Here we go.

Skuttlebutt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2013
Surprisingly Marlborough-like, this is a soft but full flavoured blend with gooseberry and passion fruit flavours.

Suckfizzle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009
This one was oak aged and not quite to my palate with more vegetative flavours than the previous white blend.

Stella Bella Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Again, not unlike a Marlborough Sauv but with softer acidity and gooseberry flavours.

Stella Bella Chardonnay 2010
Very classy wine, with a creamy soft texture, upfront stone fruit and toasty nutty and lengthy aftertaste.

Skuttlebutt Rosé 2013
A typical fresh young thing – raspberry and strawberry palate with mild sweetness and moderate acids.

Skuttlebutt Cabernet Shiraz 2010
Slightly ‘dusty’ aromas, fairly typical of Cabernet, with some spicy Shiraz notes in there.  Big, juicy and voluptuous velvety red.

Stella Bella Shiraz 2009
Slightly feral aged Shiraz aromas but balanced with medium to firm tannins and liquorice/spice flavours.  Yum.

Stella Bella Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2009
Dusty nose again.  Sweet ripeness and black berry fruit flavours, with medium tannins.

Suckfizzle Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
Showing nice mellowing from bottle age. Ripe and soft with black currant and cherry flavours.

My personal faves – the big reds and the Chardonnay

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