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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Day the Dishwasher Died

Finally, our elderly Fisher& Paykel Softouch dishwasher has carked it. 

It has been limping along pathetically, throwing hissy fits and LED error messages over the last year or so.
I had to go online to find the fix for the 'F1' error code which signalled total shut down and high pitched beeping.  The answer was (no kidding) drag the little bastard out of its cave and tilt the washer backwards at an angle of 45 degrees.  This empties soapy water all over the kitchen floor.  Then it would be back to normal for a while.

But lately when I turned it on, all the LED lights go on at once and it beeps furiously, refusing to do anything else. I have sworn at it, turned the power on and off again, kicked it, pleaded with it ... all to no avail.
I am reduced to DOING THE DISHES MANUALLY.  The horror!  The humanity!

And I have to clear the waste disposal while it's operating!!


The good news is - that we have a brand new dishwasher ready to be installed.
The bad news is we have to totally renovate the kitchen bench at great expense to install it.
To that end, I have previously posted The Brand New Harvey Norman Dishwasher Blues.

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