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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wine writers ... what the ...?

Nowadays, I am used (and amused) to see people’s opinions of wine writers – particularly those folks who think that we are a bunch of total plonkers who get paid money to get pissed.  And in some cases they may be right.  But I do try to write objectively and to describe the wines in some sort of accessible manner.

It is difficult to describe wine – just as it is difficult to describe music. You have to compare wine to other things that people can associate with – like fruit, herbs, vegetables etc.

Which brings me to an extract from Anton Coates’ blog for Regional Wines & Spirits, on a Waiheke wine exposition.  And all due respec’ to Anto – he is a good bloke and has very good wine knowledge but …

“Moving round the room, I was fortunate to do a bit of time travel with Paul Dunleavy from Te Motu. We headed back through his Te Motu wines and the 2005 particularly impressed with fragrant notes of tobacco, leather and new car.”

‘NEW CAR’?? WTF Anto??

Rilly Anto. I have heard that a lot of the ‘new car’ aroma on delivery of your pristine vehicle is actually a toxic compound of carcinogenic volatile  plastic compounds like polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, pollywannacracker etc.

Do I rilly want a wine that smells like a cocktail of plastic chemicals?

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