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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Irish studies building nuclear fusion reactor

Yeah - that's what I though:  WTF!!???

The Celtic Tiger goes nuclear?  A new threat to World Peace from people who like potatoes, diddily-diddily music and Guinness? 

But ... NOPE.  I misread the Google homepage news roundup. 
IT SHOULD RILLY BE:  "Iran studies building nuclear fusion reactor."

Blame 54 y/o eyesight and a few wines.  Being 6/8 Irish genetically, I am quite allowed to take the piss out of my Irish genes.  The 1/8 Danish was the bit that rowed up the Irish rivers in their long boats and pillaged and carried off young maidens and that.  My Geordie Genes are responsible for our early coal mining industry. The Irish genes and my Danish genes are having peace talks as I write. 

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