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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Prequels - indoor activity for adults on rainy days

OK - here's the idea - come up with the name of the movie before the one that made it. 
E.g. Die Weak ... for Die Hard

The Afghan Connection

4 Easy Pieces

To Be Pissed Off By A Mockingbird

Raging Bobby Calf

The Seeds of Wrath

Star Skirmishes

Mr Smith Gets On The Train

Schindler's Mental Note

The Scooter Thief

Some Like it Lukewarm

The Mild Bunch

The Fiancee of Frankenstein

Slightly Unstable Max

Raiders Of the Lost Cutlery Drawer

The Baby Elephant Man

The Touchables

The Penultimate Waltz

Foreplay, Fibs and Betamax

Chance of a Shower Man

Chariots of Smoulder

Room With A Shite View

Pushing Miss Daisy's Wheelchair

My Aperitif With Andre

Ferris Bueller's Day At Work

Get Annoyed With Bill

My Life As a Cute Puppy

Wings of Mild Interest

An American In the Orly Airport

Pele The Tryer

The Pea Shooters of Navaronne

The Xylophone (classic NZ movie)

Whatever Happened to Embryo VT400777-Y666

Dead Men Don't Wear Plain Fabrics

Two Weddings And Nobody's Died Yet

Midnight Feast At Tiffany's

Mild Anxiety In Las Vegas

Prince Kong

Bad Will Hunting

Non-lethal Weapon

Beverley Hills Parking Warden

The English Fit & Healthy Person

Good Night Vietnam


Late Evening Cowboy

Das Jandal

Cinema Purgatorio

Intact Spine Mountain

Boogie Afternoons

Conceiving Arizona

The Undergraduate

Moonlight Boulevard

Heated Argument Club

And from Chris Slane:
Two Engagements and a Hospital Visit

The Man Who Knew Enough

Start On Up The Khyber

Dial L for Libel

The Cruel Bee

Illegal Immigrant Kane
Alfred Hitchcock's The Eggs
The Damn Builders

Apocalypse Soon

What's All That Ruckus On The Western Front?

One of Our Planes Is Just Where We Expect It To Be.

Lawrence of Suburbia

Still here with indigestion
From Matt Elliott (Billy T James biographer):
American Spray-Can Purchase

Potential New York Cabbie on a Probationary Trial

Dog Day Morning

Apocalypse When?

Seedlings Gump

Before the Recession Back Mountain

Intern Zhivago

New Born Frankenstein

Came a Warm Thursday

Recyclable Aluminium Jacket

Applying for Residency Kane

The Bumbling Magician of Oz

Samson and the Girl in the Dairy

Muddied Knees Harry

Bad Case of Indigestion in Brunswick

Sleeping Puppies

More from Stephen Stratford:
Once Were Cadets

Happy Easter Mr Lawrence

Hello Pork Pie

Once Upon a Time in the Mid-West

Two Dalmatians

But wait .. there's more:

King George Forgot to Take His Meds

Thicket Gump

Private Ryan is Missing

Sweeney Todd - the Annoying Kid With The Pocket Knife

Losing Nemo

The intermittent Gardener

Black Hawk Flying Very Well Right Now

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