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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Patutahi Gewurtztraminer 2007 - A little Gewurtz never Hurtz

I did crop this pic using my Picassa software but it has downloaded as un-cropped.  Whatever. You get the idea.

 I do like a good Gewurtz - and the Patutahi Gisborne GwZ from Montana is a very reliable example. (I like to shorten it to GwZ because I can't be buggered typing it out in full, plus the copy & paste on Blogger is a bit of a drama). And it's kinda cute the way the G and the Z cuddle up to the w.

Gewurtztraminer (pron. ga-vertz-tra-meaner) was once the subject of a USA marketing campaign where they branded it as The Gee-Whizz Wine!   Whoo-hoo.  (Possibly the same company that promoted an Aussie red as Kanga Rouge). 

Anyway, GwZ never really took off in the US and over here GwZ is only about 2% of the national vineyard.  They do push it as the wine to drink with spicy Asian cuisine - and it is a good match for Thai, Malaysian and Japanese. But that's spicy - as in lemon grass, coriander, ginger etc.  Too much chilli just kills the flavour so you might as well drink lager.

This Patutahi GwZ comes from Gisborne, home to some of the best Chardonnay and GwZ in NZ. It has a perfumed, floral aroma with flavours of honeysuckle, Turkish Delight and a hint of oregano.  Opulent but with a dry finish. We just drank it by itself.  Yum.  It is a bit of an acquired taste, and the perfumey flavours can be a bit over the top, but GwZ can be a lovely complex wine, especially when slightly sweet; with layers of flavour and texture to 'amuse la bouche' in a manner of speaking (like a total plonker).

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