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Friday, July 8, 2011

Snowy ...the story continues

Okay.  Snowy is an ex-stray cat.  He initially schmoozed me at my physiotherapy clinic as a cute kitten, playing in the sunshine outside the door until we caved in and started feeeding him.

He is now a self-centred, contemptuous, vindictive, devious, intelligent, and nasty 12 year-old cat.  He is, in short, a total bastard.  A sort of feline Severus Snape.  If ever there is an animated feature starring Snowy, Alan Rickman is a shoo-in for the character voice.

As a result of moving house about 6 weeks ago I managed to move the amiable goofy and lovable 11-year old Black Lab Jasper with no problems. His new pal George (see pic) the Maltese/Shitzu/Yorkie-cross took control immediately and assumed power in return for snuggling Jasper in cold weather and licking Jasper's eyes every morning.  (Yeah - dunno what that's all about - hey, dog culture is weird).  But he has finally stopped humping Jasper - which I take as a good sign.

Snowy's transition, on the other hand,  was a whole new ball game.  George unfortunately is a hyperactive cat-seeking missile on four tiny legs.  He barks and screams hysterically if he sees any cats near the property. 

So the whole Snowy installation was a military operation.  We snuck him in one day when George was at the kennels, left him in our upstairs bedroom and put a baby gate at the top of the stairs. Snowy cowered under our bed for two days not eating.  When he did eat, he crept out, crapped and peed in my jeans - which were on the floor - and crept back under the bed.  Finally he got the hang the dirt box, more or less, but with the odd displaced poo.

Snowy finally took the hint and explored the wider world - by climbing out the window onto the flat roof.  But not before depositing a few free form installations on said roof.  He then disappeared for a whole 24 hours - then returned, whence I caught him pissing on our bed (on my side) as a middle finger salute to moi for upsetting his life.

Now we have a Mexican standoff - with Georgie sniffing and growling through the baby gate and Snowy huddled up on his electric cat blanket.  He does use the cat litter-in-a-paint tray. He does spend a lot of time in out the window mode.  He is generally better behaved other than tearing at the carpet in the early hours to wake  me up when he's feeling lonely.

Youth In Asia has been muttered by my long suffering charming companion.

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