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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lemon Marmalade Recipe

Okay - what do you do if Life gives you lemons?
Say - f**k the lemons, give me the money!  Or ... make lemon marmalade.

On a cold and gloomy day in Auckland with brisk south easterlies hammering the windows, it's not a bad option for an underemployed wine tour operator during off season.
Being somewhat of a lemo-holic, I couldn't stand seeing a bunch of lemons going to waste on our  burgeoning shared driveway lemon tree.   So I Googled a recipe, Here it is whipped ten lemons from the tree and got to work.

It seemed one of the simplest recipes I could find anyhow.

1.  First up, peeling the yellow skin thinly from the lemons, making sure not to include any of the white pith - which will make the jam bitter. Then slicing the skin finely.

 2. Taking the pith.  Slicing all the pith from the skinned lemons and slicing them into 1/4" slices.

3.  Boiling the water/lemon skin and sliced lemons.


I followed the recipe fairly closely, though couldn't be buggered leaving the sliced lemon and skin and water in the fridge for 3 hours.  Don't these people know what a four-person household packs into a fridge?  And I added an extra cup of sugar as these are winter lemons and not the sweet summer sun-kissed variety.

Finally - I get four small-ish jam jars of lemon marmalade!  I just heated the jars in the oven and poured hot jam into the preheated jars, then screwed the lid on.  This is what you get from ten large lemons.

Verdict: extremely lemony - probably for extreme lemon fans.  Would be OK with honey on toast - or added to other dishes needing a lemon hit. 

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