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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spring wine releases in NZ

With signs of seasonal change, for example - waggly-tailed fluffy white lambs in the rural west, magnolia blooms, daffodils, torrential rain, and intoxicatingly fragrant erlicheer flowers, it does appear that … finally Auckland is gettin’ Springy With It. (By the way – I always thought that they were called ‘early cheer’ as in – early, cheerful spring flowers).
So much for my botanical nominative incompetence.

Anyway – this is also, fortuitously, the time when wineries release their new wines on to the market and send out trade samples to wine writers for appraisal. I drink … therefore I am one.  Here’s a recent selection.

Mudhouse Pinot Gris 2014 $NZ 20.00
Pale gold colour. Aromas of lemon squash lime juice. Medium sweet and lush with flavours of spice, quince and poached pear.  Time ageing in oak barrels has added a layer of complexity and softer flavours.

Mountford Pinot Gris 2011 $NZ 29.00
Hailing from Waipara, this is a lush and unctuous late harvest style sweet wine in line with the Vendange Tardive style from northern France’s Alsace region. A mouthful of spiced quince, pear, honey and golden queen peach.  

Gladstone Vineyard Sophie’s Choice (Oak Aged) Sauvignon Blanc 2012 $NZ 35.00
A great Savvie for those who are put off by the Marlborough acidity.  This one has spent 10 months in French barrels. Classic gooseberry and passionfruit flavours with a hint of toasty hazel nut, yet with a crisp finish.

Main Divide Merlot/Cabernet 2011 $NZ 20.00
2011 wasn’t the best of vintages – with a cooler temperatures and a lot of rain late in the season. Yet, this is a good value Merlot dominant blend – with cherry/berry fruit flavours, spicy characters and medium tannins

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