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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hard day at the office

Thursday turned out to be one of those days when you really can’t put off doing the paperwork, so it was a quick brekkie, shower and shave and hit the keyboard running. I have three articles due in by tomorrow, plus I have invoices and filing to be done, should walk the dog, do some washing, have a hearing test, and need to go shopping.

As a sign of my new dynamic work ethic I got all keen, and did some yoga type stretches and push-ups after my shower. About half an hour later, I discovered that I had consequently buggered up my low back and have been in pain all day.  That's why I don't normally exercise - it's bad for you. Not great when one has a fun-filled schedule of sedentary activities planned. The spouse has promised a back rub, but she’s out for dinner with pals.

Anyway I thought I’d reward myself by blogging now, as I have not only written and filed two articles, but sent all invoices, did washing and shopping. Probably the moonlight walkies with Jasper before bed as usual. Haven’t done filing. Bugger.

And …despite my 54 y/o back problems, and advancing mental decay, I did pass the hearing test. It was a phishing telephone marketing thing by hearing aid hawkers, but I got a free hearing test in Remuera. I had to sit in a little phone booth with headphones on and click a button every time I heard the beep, as the beeps got fainter and fainter. Turns out I have normal hearing – in spite of being a drummer for most of my 20s and early 30s. I’ll drink to that. Now what about a free liver function test?

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