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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Low Back Pain - ow!

As an ex-physiotherapist, I generally get no sympathy for my episodic low back pain: ‘Ha ha ha you should see a physio,’ or ‘Ha ha ha physician heal thyself.’

This of course, is hilariously funny and I fulsomely congratulate the speaker on their originality and grasp of the comedic craft.
I generally have a jolly good chuckle as I struggle to put on my socks and undies in the morning, or by back muscles spasm when I try to shave.

After 22 years in treating low back pain, I know for sure that:
A nobody has a clue what causes most back pain.
B nobody has a clue as to the best method to cure it.

All I know is: it is bloody painful, inconvenient and eventually goes away. My approach is to swallow cocktails of paracetamol and ibuprofen, lie down flat with a hot pack, avoid sitting – and if I have to sit, use a back roll.

I have had acupuncture – but the cure is almost as bad as the problem.

Contrary to popular opinion (from those who have never had it) the needles DO hurt. Part of the treatment is that the acupuncturist tweaks the needles periodically to stimulate a deep sense of nausea and worry. This is called Teche– and is apparently a good thing. The last time I had acupuncture needles removed, my back muscles spasmed and gripped the needles so tightly, that my physio couldn’t pull them out any further. She told me that she had seen needles bend just from the power of spasm in some patients.

So…day three and I do feel a bit better. At least I can sit at my special back pain chair and blog a bit.
And so to bed

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