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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Take me way ... je t'aime, Vouvray.

Last week I was (ahem) researching an article that I’m writing on good places to sample wine in Auckland.  This is the jolly fun bit about being in the wine journalism business.  I can go out and sample wine, write about the experience, get paid for it and then write off the cost of the whole exercise against tax.  It still means that I have to spend real money at the time of course.

Anyway, we dropped into the charming Wine Loft is Auckland City’s Shortland Street, just off Queen Street.  It was a cold night but the large gas fire, bubble of conversation, and candle lit atmos was very welcoming.  We plonked down on a big comfy leather sofa by the fire and perused the wine list.

Being in the mood for something a bit different, I fast forwarded through the Savs, P Gris, Chards etc. and spotted a Vouvray. Hoorah.
Vouvray is a wonderful Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley in France – and unlike a lot of French white wines it is fruit led and full of flavour.   At eleven bucks a glass I was only going to have more than one, but it lived up to my expectations.

Then yesterday as we were having friends over for dinner, I thought I’d track down a bottle as a nice pre-dinner drink.  Being a part timer at Glengarry Wines, I naturally gravitated to my local Westmere shop and found - in short order a bottle of Bourillon Vouvray Sec 2009 at $NZ24.99 on special.  

This is a lovely wine - rich and unctuous with flavours of pear, honey, pineapple, and lime - and drinking beautifully right now.  Vouvray is often quite crisp with natural acidity, and that can allow it to age gracefully for up to ten years. 

In France they pump out 13 million bottles of the stuff each year.  It can be anything from bone dry to a dessert wine or even a sparkling wine - all called Vouvray - so it pays to do your homework.

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