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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back and Neck Therapy Auckland - Phil Parker



I'm Phil Parker, an Auckland resident for 37 years.  For  22 of those years I have been treating acute and long term back and neck joint  problems.  My approach is the Golden Rule - don't do anything to others that you wouldn't have done to yourself.

 And being a sufferer of back and neck pain for many years, believe me, I know what it's like to have a stuck, acutely painful neck or back!
I believe that a gentle approach is best -and that's how I approach treating back and neck pain in my Auckland clinic.

In 1999 I developed a very gentle manual therapy method for the treatment of acute one sided low back pain (with, or without sciatica)
this technique was so effective that I saw patients progress from acute low back pain so severe that they could not sit or stand - to   compelete relief within two or three brief sessions.  In fact, I published an article on this technique in New Zealand and presented it to a conference of my  peers in 2000.

My treatment approach has four elements:

  • Hands on diagnosis

  • Deep tissue friction mobilisation & massage

  • Gentle manual joint traction and mobilisation

    And ... ongoing exercise and lifestyle advice to maintain the benefits of treatment

 If you feel that you would benefit from seeing me about your back or neck problem - contact me

Website page Phil Parker Back & Neck treatment

Phone: +64 9 8456 971

36A Formby Avenue
Point Chevalier

Low back pain can be very debilitating

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