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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wyndham 333 Pinot Noir- drinkable, and at ten bucks

I'm always on the lookout for a bargain Pinot Noir - being a Pinotphile from way back.

In NZ it is hard to find any Pinots under $25 that aren't wimpy raspberry-lite BBQ quaffers.

Admittedly, the Marlborough Pinots seem to be getting better each vintage with older vines and improved vineyard management. But they are still clocking in at about $24 for anything reasonable.   Or 'drinkable' as some wine tossers are prone to opine. (It's a funny thing how saying a wine is drinkable is a good thing.  Whereas if you described a dish as edible it would be pejorative.)

Anyway, at the risk of losing my citizenship, I do find the Aussie Wyndham 333 Pinot Noir often available at $NZ9.99 a bottle very good value.  It's a medium style with fruity cherry and red fruits flavours plus a fine grained tannin.
The wine seems to be a blend of South Eastern Australian wine, with no particular region quoted on the label.  I have bought bottles over the last few years and the Pinot tastes like it is blended to a particular consistent style (not unlike their 555 Shiraz). In former times as a Shiraz fan, I often drank their 555 Shiraz.  And nothing wrong with blending for consistency - French Champagne makers have been doing that for yonks.

Even Wine Spectator give it 86/100. Very imbibable, says I.  (I'd swear on the Bibable)

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