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Monday, October 11, 2010

Montana wines name change to Brancott Estate

Phil runs the darndest Best Auckland Wine Tours in the Known Universe.  (Apart from that five-armed three-nosed tour guide on Betelgeuse.)

Back in June, the NZ Herald reported that NZ's largest wine producer Montana was going to change the brand of its export wine label to Brancott Estate.

The main reason was that punters in the USA were confusing the origin of the wine with the state of Montana.  (They also find Marlborough confusing - because of the Marlboro cigarette brand).
In New Zealand, the Montana name will be retained for the Montana Classics range, with Brancott Estate being acknowledged on the label.  Brancott has been a label in the US for ten years, so they probably won't lose customers of the total switch to one label.

The Brancott brand was formerly best known to NZers for the  'B' label Sauvignon Blanc, grown on Montana's original Brancott vineyard block in Marlborough - where they pioneered Sauv Blanc planting in the stony river bed soils.   Already the new labels are on our NZ supermarket shelves.

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