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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Now then.  All sitting quietly?

Then I'll start. 
By some sort of osmotic process - being around for about ten years and publishing the odd wine article, I seem to have become a Wine Writer.  This is pretty cool.  But I see myself as a Wine Journalist - i.e. I do have an insatiable curiosity about wine, but I make no claims to being an Expert.

So, anyway I get invited to the odd wine writing event now and again. I.e. - a chance to taste and evaluate wines gratis - which is great. 

Yennyhoo.  I got to taste a bunch of wines distributed by Appellation Vineyards Ltd.  There was a huge array of wine from many labels, and I was late on account of being in the process of moving house and a whole lot of other stuff.  I was The Last Writer to show up.  But they folks in control of the show were very charming and left me to wander, pour, sample and spit to my heart's content.

The Winners on The Day ...the envelopes, please.

Sauvignon Blanc ...None.  I hate the stuff

Fiddlers Green 2008
Glasnevin Classic 2008

Pinot Gris
Distant Land Premium 2010
Fairmont Estate 2009
Isabel  Estate 2010
Steve Bird 2010

Distant Land Premium 2010
Lake Road 2010
Steve Bird 2008
Glasnevin 2008

Ashwell Vineyards 2009
Isabel Estate 2007
Fiddlers Green 2008

Pinot Noir

Fiddlers Green 2008
Fiddlers Green Reserve 2008
Bannock Brae Goldfields 2008
Bannock Brae Goldfields Barrel Select 2009

Ash Ridge 2008

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