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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Satellite Gewürztraminer & Ha Ha Pinot Noir

Okay - here's a couple of absolutely fabulous wines that have restored my faith in quality NZ wine after a few months of stingy, tannic pinots and washed-out wimpy white wines.

First up -Satellite Gewürztraminer 2010  $NZ 14.00   From a pretty obscure Waihopai producer in Marlborough's 'spy central' area.  Can't find much info on the producer but they are cashing in on the Waihopai satellite spy station riff - a la Spy Valley.

No matter.  Whatever - they are doing it right.  This is a glorious unctuous, medium sweet style Gewürz with a full and lush palate of lychee fruit, Turkish Delight, ginger, lime, pot pourri and clove.  Lengthy palate which draws you back for another glass.  Perfect for mildly spiced Thai cuisine.

And in the red corner - Ha Ha Pinot Noir 2011 $NZ18.00  Knockout Pinot from Marlborough.  Silky, ripe and softly seductive with fine tannins, and mouth filling cherry/berry floral and dark fruit flavours.  Savoury gamey and spicy with a soft but persistent finish.  A seamlessly integrated Pinot which is a benchmark wine for all the other substandard overpriced NZ Pinots on the shelves.

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