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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tom Jones - live at Villa Maria Winery

We were lucky enough to score two tickets to Tom Jones - in concert at Villa Maria's Auckland winery concert venue. And a fab venue it was - with attention to detail, great atmosphere, and generous hospitality as usual from one of NZ's premium wineries.

Yennyhoo - the show: Fantastic. The Voice is totally there at 70-something. He nailed every single song in a brilliant two-hour show, starting with a Bono tune written for Jones (Sugar Daddy), through all his hits - Delilah, Green Green Grass, What's New Pussycat etc., to a stonking club mix finale of Prince's 'Kiss'.

(Kiss was the techno-funk breakthrough hit for Jones in the 80s, via his collaboration with Art Of Noise.)

He's given up on the hair dye, looks toned, fit, dynamic, happy and very comfortable in his own skin.

In a recent interview he recalled how Sinatra had once said, 'You don't have to work that hard on your songs.'

Today, the delivery onstage is relaxed, confident and in total control. Yet, he projects his voice effortlessly, without losing any of the passion and expressiveness in every word.

A tight and hugely talented backing band of 9 players ensured seamless renditions of every genre from Country to Techno.

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  1. Gosh, Phil - that's a great review!! More people should give you feedback, IMHO